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Best and Top Programming Language in 2022 to learn

programming language to learn 2020

Searching all over the internet about the best coding language to learn in 2022. So, this article is going to help you a lot as I have come up with four best programming languages. First, let's understand the need to acquire knowledge of these computer technologies. We all have experienced or seen someone else being experienced in the job interview process. In job placements, especially computer science students have to show their coding skills in order to grasp a seat in high-level jobs. They will just ask you to sit and make a game in front of them.

For this, you must have a deep knowledge of coding languages. And this article is what all about "Best Four Programming Languages to learn in 2022." This would have been one of the reasons to learn these skills. Second is if you are a computer-aided learning freak and want to go to the artificial intelligence field then you must learn these mentioned programming languages.

In today's time, there have been so many college degree holders who believe to have the best coding skills but there are only a few people who actually have the best skills. Therefore, I will explain to you in detail the best programming languages to learn in 2022. Here, I will start with Python and end with the PHP programming language. So without wasting any time let's dive into this article "Best four programming languages to learn in 2022".

 Best Programming Languages 


Python has been the most common and used programming language among the other listed skills. It is one of the easiest skills to learn due to its readability which is the best choice for beginners. It includes easy integration, user-friendly data structures, community growth, and high support modules. Python's syntax is way more clear and intuitive. For those you have a good interest in machine learning, then learning this skill will be perfect for them to get started in that field. The language develops 2D imaging and 3D animations like Autodesk and Inkscape.

They are best used for creating Video games and website developers of Quora, Pinterest, and Spotify. It has some packages such as SciPy and Numpy, both are most commonly used for scientific computing, mathematics, and almost all engineering fields. I would like to recommend Python to the children also who show a keen interest in the coding languages. Other Python fields are TensorFlow, PyTorch, and OpenCV. they are used to build programs in data science, image processing, and computer vision.
I have seen most people for going to this language because they have to make their career in the game development field so if you are one of those problem-solver and a good abstract thinker, no language will be better as a primary skill to acquire.


JavaScript, also known as a scripting language, has taken place in one of the most prominent skills to acquire to become a software developer. According to Stack Overflow's 2019 Developer Survey, it is found that nearly 70 % of respondents reported they had used JavaScript in the previous year. This language is primarily for a front-end developer who wants to run browsers like Mozilla Firefox and others.

For scalable network applications, Node.js is being built for use on the server-side.Node.js is basically best compatible with Mac OS, SunOS, and Windows. For me, it is the friendliest programming language to learn for a beginner. It is an object-oriented computer language which is commonly used to build interactive effects on a website. This language is a combination of HTML and CSS which helps in implementing client-side functionality. If learned properly, then you can have an effective knowledge of the front end and the back end.

The first thought about JavaScript by most people is that it is a simple scripting language but there isn’t any limit to what you can do with this programming language. It is also used at the front end of most popular websites like Google, Facebook, Wikipedia, YouTube, and Amazon. And, it is used in popular web frameworks like Node.js and React.JS.


Best Programming language 2022

Java is being the first language of most college students as it is being taught by their teachers in the class only. This is because Java helps students learning the basics of designs pattern. and coding. It is an Object-Oriented programming language which helps later in the Android Development.
Those who are getting started with Java might feel a little overwhelming because when we compared it to Python, Java seems to be more involved and complexed. But once, you complete working with Java, you won't have to learn lots of other new things. It is already compiled with many topics. Now, I would like to show the power of learning java. You may have surely gone through with Netflix.

It will be surprising for you as Netflix's streaming service is being provided by Java. As you are already aware of this fact that Java is the most demanding language in today's world. Almost every software is running on this language. It is both used in web and application development such as YouTube, Twitter, and Google. Therefore, if you are a college student, I would recommend you get started with Java.


PHP stands for Hypertext Pre-processor which is another most valuable programming language to learn. It provides back end server functions properly that is essential for most of the important websites. Some of the major platforms which use PHP as their prominent language are Facebook, WordPress, and Tumblr. Now, you can see clearly that after dislodging by many new programming languages, PHP has still made its place in the market.

This language is designed by a single developer in the '90s for creating dynamic Web Applications. It is one of the most productive server-side web development programming languages. Most people say that PHP is losing its popularity because of the newly launched languages like JavaScript.

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But for me, it will not die soon and will remain as one of the best web development programming languages. You might be aware of this fact that PHP has been last for 35 years and there are still lots of successful PHP frameworks in the market. TIOBE, a programming language ranking site, has ranked it as the 8th most popular language in  2022.

Conclusion - My Final Notes:

It is hoped that you all have liked my list of "Best four programming languages to learn in 2022". This article is made after reading several other reviews and with my own experience too. I have explained every language for a particular type of person. For instance, if you are in a school or college, do start with Java and if you want to make your career in the game development field, then start learning Python programming language. 

Although there are thousands of programming languages, very few are on the shortlisted language If you want to start your career as a programmer, do make the first move as mentioned in my list. And the listed range starts from Python for the beginner to Java for the experienced, you can find the right choice for you. If this article helped you in any way, kindly share it with your friends and acquaintances.

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